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Seth videoing a beautiful bride

Seth and Megan 

Our story starts at a bookstore where we were introduced by my mom. Yes, my mom. She still doesn't let me live that one down. After dating for just over a year we got married. We started our married lives in Oregon living with some of our favorite people on earth. Our first time living alone together was in Tibet where we taught, and I learned to edit video. Since then we've lived in 3 countries, traveled to more than I care to count and are now raising our two children (Dottie Lou, 2 and Teddy 6 months) at a house we bought in my hometown of Monmouth, Oregon. I film most of my weddings in the I-5 corridor from Corvallis up-to Portland. 

What do I love about weddings? All of it. The storyline is built in, both sides are dressed up to the nines. Both get to express how they truly feel without the normal social repercussions telling you that you are too gushy or emotional. Family coming together to celebrate your love story. The food, the drinks, the party the dancing. And showing it all in a film that's warm hearted, uplifting, fun and beautiful. Showing the big celebrations along with the quiet little moments that connect us with what it means to be human. 

I look forward to sharing your day with you. -Seth

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